Interstuhl VINTAGE 5V70 Vergaderstoel

€ 507,00

Interstuhlshop heeft voor u een aanbevolen configuratie geselecteerd.

Onze vergaderstoel Interstuhl Vintage 5V70 is standaard voorzien van:

- dynamische zitting
- aluminium voetkruis

U kunt kiezen voor de "aanbevolen configuratie", welke wij compleet en extra voordelig voor u hebben samengesteld. Ook kunt u zelf uw "eigen configuratie" samenstellen.

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Computers and the internet have revolutionised our world of work, have shrunk the distance to the click of a mouse, and removed from us the constraints of time and place. And yet the desire for personal communication in business is growing by leaps and bounds. There is an increasing demand for discussion and debate, workshops and training, meetings and conversation - the kinds of direct communication for which we usually take a seat, following the logic of the office. This not only demands spaces for communication, it needs just as many sophisticated conference armchairs that can do one special thing: take good care of us so that we can concentrate on our work. The conference armchairs and cantilever chairs of the VINTAGEis5 family of chairs provide everything that the new discussion culture in the office demands: the best possible sitting comfort with a quality that is second to none.